ranch to restaurant

steamboat springs, co

From ranch to restaurant, the all-natural beef served at the E3 Chophouse comes straight from the E3 Ranch, owned and operated by Adam and Jenn LaRoche, located in Fort Scott, Kansas.

Many patrons are curious about the origin of the E3 name. Adam, a major league first baseman for twelve years, developed the logo as a spoof to his baseball career. In baseball, positions are numbered, with the first base designated the “3,” and even though he won a gold glove for his defensive skills, Adam humbly added the “E” –meaning “Error” –to the ranch name.

Yampa RIver

701 Yampa street

Located on the Yampa River, the restaurant will serve all-natural, no antibiotics or steroids ever and no added hormone beef directly from E3 certified ranches. The restaurant features expansive space for dinner, private events, and outdoor dining.

responsibly raised beef

certified red and black angus

E3 steaks are the highlight of the menu, steaks come from cattle raised on the family ranch and other E3 certified ranches. They are hand cut in house and made to order. These all-natural, no antibiotics or steroids ever and no added hormone cuts are served with E3’s twist on classic accompaniments. The menu will also feature shareable starters and a full cocktail and wine list.

In addition to E3 Chophouse restaurants, other family projects include E3 Ranch, owned and operated by Adam and Jennifer LaRoche in Fort Scott, Kansas; E3 Meat Company; E3 K9 Performance; E3 Foundation; and Buck Commander (with Willie Robertson) popular hunting show and product line.

“The E3 Ranch started as a personal effort to be confident about what we were feeding our family,” said Adam LaRoche. “Jenn and I bought the ranch and decided to raise a few cattle naturally because we weren’t convinced that what was available at the grocery store was quality meat. My teammates heard about what we were doing and started requesting beef; word spread to other teams, and we found ourselves shipping 100 lbs. of beef at a time. The project quickly grew to the E3 Meat Company that’s available today for the general public to enjoy. We are committed to the total utilization of the steers we raise. We humanely raise healthy, happy cows, and nothing goes to waste.”

e3 ranch foundation

giving back

The cornerstone of all projects is the E3 Ranch Foundation which receives 10% of all E3 net profits. The E3 Ranch Foundation was founded in 2017 by Adam and Jennifer LaRoche who aim to use the gifts with which they have been blessed to support two important causes: veterans who have spent their lives serving our country and groups fighting against human-trafficking.

“I don’t know that we’d be doing any of this if it weren’t for the mission of the foundation,” said Adam. “We push for the companies to be successful so we can put more into the E3 Foundation. This is where the majority of my focus is, whether it’s working on the ground with partner groups to train officers to combat trafficking or hosting wounded warriors at the ranch for extended stays. We look forward to serving in Nashville through initiatives and events. There will be no shortage of patriotism when you walk into E3 Chophouse. It’ll be pretty evident what we stand for.”

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